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Expand to cloud service by Jorte, the world's most downloaded smartphone calendar

December 21st, 2011

Johospace Co., Ltd. (President: Koichi Shimohana, headquartered in Okayama Minami-ku, the "Johospace" hereafter), provide a new cloud services will begin on December 21st, 2011 for users of Jorte, organizer applications for Android smartphones.

"Jorte" is close to the real atmosphere of the organizer, insisted on the look and ease of use, Android Application Scheduler (can be available in smartphone, tablet and etc.). "Jorte" is now available in 18 languages(December 2011) in the world including Japanese with expectation everybody in the world can use, and then the future as a global, We promote next-generation “Jorte” with more cloud services.

The "Jorte Cloud", so make it possible to synchronize with the cooperation and sharing data with own Web system, with the participation of social services to the schedule (under development), which we would like to implement. You can also get the information you want, then we can also cooperate with the various services.

"Jorte Cloud" is available free of charge as well as application "Jorte". Will enhance future extensibility such as various diary (diary) facility or convenience functions as a business, women's content (icons, background images, etc.) or the like, we would like to provide with some extra charge.

1) "Jorte"

"Jorte" is software for managing your appointments and notes in the calendar screen. Has a track record of more than 7.7 million downloads worldwide, as one of No. 1 downloaded smartphone practical tool application, provided by the developer in Japan.

Jorte has No.1 downloaded number as calendar application distributed in the Android Market.

The key of success in widely accepted in abroad is the simple look and ease of use, imaged after Japanese original system organizer. In addition, the display format and colors, changing fonts, provides extensive customization features, all ages from beginners to advanced, are also supported in that it corresponds to the fine-tuned.

From now on, Johospace will conduct a major upgrade, seals and icons that targets women, character mark paste feature for business people, and plans to add more features such as multi-calendar management.

2) New services

Johospace starts providing "Jorte Cloud" as cloud service in order to further improve the convenience of a Jorte application.

Specifically, utilizing the characteristics of the cloud, creating a public calendar that can be viewed or anyone in the group shared calendar features, using a web browser on PC "Jorte" provides the ability to consume.

"Jorte Cloud" has adopted a worry-free interface for beginners by displaying shared calendar more clearly, in order to avoid publishing a private event by mistake. Also because data synchronization capability is provided between the terminals, and the terminal change, make it easy to change terminals and use on multiple smartphones and tablets. Smartphone is recognized as sharing information device along with the PC, and Johospace aim to social tool with entry of calendar with ease of use for daily living of individuals.

3) "Jorte Cloud" Future releases

Johospace is planning to prepare rich content of events information, local information, information life experience (such as garbage collection day), and expand the scheme that user can select own information, and manage it within the calendar. More over we promote user-friendly platform based on the social media calendar, where user, corporation, governmental entity and etc., can distribute event information to calendar independently, and provide ability to incorporate two-way communication.

Johospace as a new revenue model for smartphone applications that are difficult to monetize, develops a business model targeting the global market for smartphones from Japan.

For further information please contact

Johospace Co., Ltd.

Jorte sales representatives

o Ease of use, such as "Wall calendar"

It is easily understandable by anyone for business, students and housewives who also ordered the content.

o Friendly cloud synchronization

By synchronizing calendar and ToDo to the PC, you can increases effective utilization of private and business content.

Outside of house and office, by Android terminal, you can check the schedule and registration remains the same instructions.

o "Sharing information" on anyone easily

Share your calendar with another group, but also can be exposed to everyone.

You will be able to originate event information from Jorte for everybody.

o Synchronizing with Google Calendar

It also enables integration with Google Calendar on Android as well as Jorte.

From Android Jorte, it is possible to move bulk of my calendar information from Google to Could Jorte.

o Share Tasks

Assign Task to colleague, share shopping list with friends, allowing unprecedented Task management.

o Check the calendar to know

You can check the public calendar originated by everyone.

Because of the participating companies and organizations will be able to see event which is important for daily life.

o Style with personality

You can change the style cute, cool and you can change the fonts. All ability Jorte ever had, "Jorte Cloud" is also available.

Change colors and text, you can easily set up and placement of icon.

o Moving to "Global Jorte"

Although we support Japanese and English in the current "Jorte Cloud", the future version will continue to support a variety of languages.

The cloud services to meet global standard, we would like to build up a new user interface.

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Jorte Cloud

Calendars can be shared with group members and disclosure to everyone. Jorte can send out events you want your friends to know. Because calendars and Tasks are synchronized to PC, private life and work expands and friendly interaction becomes possible.

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