Jorte Sync adds Foursquare Checkin and Facebook post syncing

Jorte Sync is available now for Android 4.0 and higher that handles signing into services and adds new sync support to Jorte Calendar.

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Foursquare Checkins and Facebook Posts Jorte Sync now adds sync support with two of the most popular social services.
Syncing your Foursquare checkins and Facebook Posts turns your Jorte calendar into a social diary. With where you and your friends have recently visited, with Facebook post syncing you can see what your Friends are talking about, and the links and photos they share. With this feature you can find out what your closest friends and family are up to in a fun and convenient way!

Jorte Sync with Facebook support was developed by Jorte and does not represent an endorsement or sponsorship by Facebook.

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Please check whether you are at "Jorte Calendar Mode" or "Google Calendar Mode". Operations such as data entry, display and synchronization vary depending on the Mode.

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About Jorte Calendar

It works on an Android terminal so it's very portable and has many attractions.

You can put it in your pocket, operate with one hand, check the schedule while walking, or even to input schedules while you are out.


  • This application "Jorte" is a personal organizer. Our objective was to create an app with the look and feel of real paper personal organizer with an appealing appearance and easy practical use.

  • Android terminal provides this app with many attractive points. You can carry it in your pocket, operate it with one hand, confirm schedules while walking and input schedules smoothly when you go out.

  • Jorte has a scheduler function and you can customize its style as you choose.

  • Calendars are displayed in a monthly or weelky view the display will rotate automatically if you turn your device sideways.

  • You can see in one glance the important schedules that are colored red and also the schedules that have already finished.

  • According to your style, you can set the beginning day of the week, import public holidays events and add our own holidays events.

  • When you manage a todo list, you can view important schedules in red or rearrange the order of items in the list.

  • Schedule and todo data can be imported from or exported to a CSV file.

  • Jorte can be controlled using Google Voice and interact with Google Maps.

  • The app has many features such as synchronizing with "Jorte Cloud" & Google calendar and supports a wide variety of widgets.


Screen sizes are automatically adjusted to smart phone size, tablet size, horizontal screen, vertical screen and any other sizes and displayed.

Jorte is supporting Android 2.x / 3.x and 4.x OS.

* Jorte can be downloaded form Google Play (Play Store) free of charge.

* Agreement with terms of use is necessary to use Jorte.Terms and Conditions.

* Please click here for Terms of Use of Jorte Apps for Android and iOS.

Corresponding language

Although we support Japanese and English in the current "Jorte Cloud", the future version will continue to support a variety of languages.

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Jorte Cloud

Calendars can be shared with group members and disclosure to everyone. Jorte can send out events you want your friends to know. Because calendars and Tasks are synchronized to PC, private life and work expands and friendly interaction becomes possible.

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