JS Photo

JS Photo is a new type of photo viewer, it finds your pictures by how you recall them.

With JS Photo not only you can view the photos in your smartphone but also gather all the photos that you posted in Twitter, Facebook and images that you have edited in Picasa into one place for browsing.

Additionally, you can automatically create a photo album with the events registered in Jorte Cloud.

* Appointments made in Google Calendar, album name in Picasa, tag name, and/or postings submitted with your photos in Facebook or Twitter.


By writing words relating to Jorte events, birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, meals, travel, etc, you can automatically have an album created with the photos taken at that time.

If you already have a plan registered and photos already inside Picasa, etc, you can enjoy seeing an album of your memories without doing anything. (Truly recommended!)

* In case of using schedules in Jorte, you need to be in Sync with Jorte Cloud.


You can list all the photos posted in Twitter, Facebook and Picassa.

Also, if you sync your device, you can enjoy uploading and browsing through the photos taken with your smartphone on the web. (Only in Picasa).


You can find the photo by searching for tags, album name (Picasa), schedule name and the comment in your SNS posts.

Also, if you select individual photos, the schedule or SNS comment related to the image will be displayed.


  • By using the [Secret] function, you can hide your selected photos (Set by password).
  • JS Photo can also be used from a web browser (PC).( https://jspho.to/ )
  • All the services are free.

Jorte Cloud

Calendars can be shared with group members and disclosure to everyone. Jorte can send out events you want your friends to know. Because calendars and Tasks are synchronized to PC, private life and work expands and friendly interaction becomes possible.

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