About Jorte Store

How can I purchase items?

Items are to be purchased on the applicable store through the designated payment methods provided by the platform.

You will be responsible for the cost associated with viewing this page, Internet connection for software download, and purchasing of the items.

With regards to the details of each cost, please ask your Internet provider or the mobile carrier.

You can start using the items once their purchase payment and download have been completed.

Can we cancel the purchase?

Please note that as per the terms of use, it is not possible to cancel in-app billing.

We cannot accept the cancellation of the digital items.

To discontinue a monthly service on the Android version, Please refer to the procedure to cancel from the Jorte page at Google Play.

I uninstalled Jorte contents. Can I install the Jorte contents again?

Contents that were previously purchased from the Jorte Store will be automatically installed providing that you are performing the re-installation from the same account that was used to purchase the contents originally.

Unfortunately, if you use a different account than the one that was originally used to purchase the contents, you will not be able to install them unless you purchase the contents again.

Items are not downloaded though purchased.

In the event that the linkage between the purchase account and the device is not working properly, it might not be possible to download regardless of the purchase process being done.

Please note that the purchase and download processes are handled from the store purchase account and not Jorte or any other application.

Please try the following:

* Reboot the device itself and retry the purchase

  1. If you have properly purchased an item, it will not be charged twice even when you try the purchase process again.
  2. If there were download errors, please try again, there are many cases where doing so fixes this issue.
  3. If you have already purchased certain items on our store, the button in the purchase screen should read "Restore" for those items and you can download them again.

If your items are still not properly downloaded after trying out the above procedures, it could be related to an issue with the cache.

Please try deleting the temporary data of the store application (or uninstalling the update) as well as re-installing Jorte.

The purchase history remains in your purchase account, so when you re-download Jorte Calendar, the purchased items will be automatically downloaded as you install the application again.

Please be aware that if you delete Jorte Calendar without backing up the data, your calendar data will be deleted along with the application.

If you are using [My Calendar] in Jorte, please make sure to back up your events before deleting the application.

  1. Please note that free items are not included in your purchase history. Items that were provided free of charge during a specific period of time, will not be provided again free of charge once the original period of time has ended.
  2. Since these are not operations from Jorte, we cannot guarantee their completeness or reliability. If you are still experiencing difficulties after trying everything explained here, please contact your mobile carrier or the shop where you purchased your device.

Please make sure to check the network status and re-install Jorte Calendar again.

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Jorte Cloud

Calendars can be shared with group members and disclosure to everyone. Jorte can send out events you want your friends to know. Because calendars and Tasks are synchronized to PC, private life and work expands and friendly interaction becomes possible.

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