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About Syncronization with Google Calender

To synchronize Jorte with Google calender, setting of Android terminal is needed.

1.Select "menu" → "Settings" → "Data Syncronization"

2.If "Select synsapplication" is not checked,

tap on "Select synsapplication" and have it checked.

3.「When the "Calendar" item is checked,

synchronizing will start immediately.

Synchronizing is finished when the loading mark beside the check box disappears.

Set up of Google account

The first time you activate a terminal or when you skip the first time account setting, you will need to setup Google account. Setup requires access to the network.

1.Click "Next" button to move on.

2.Select from making a new account or

Sign in in with the account you have.

3.In Sign in in, simply enter the mail

address and password for the account. When

you have finished, press "Sign in".

4.Once authenticated, synchronizing will begin.

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