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appointment organizer "Jorte"

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Schedule books must be practical and has a good design. You may look for personal organizer at the stationary shops to meet these qualities. There hasn't been an appointment organizer so practical as to replace with the paper organizers.

This personal organizer application "Jorte" pursued the looks and the easiness to use, by making it close to the real personal organizer.

< Features >

It works on an Android terminal so it's very portable and has many attractions. You can put it in your pocket, operate with one hand, check the schedule while walking, or even to input schedules while you are out.

  • This application "Jorte" is a personal organizer. Our objective was to create an app with the look and feel of real paper personal organizer with an appealing appearance and easy practical use.
  • Android terminal provides this app with many attractive points. You can carry it in your pocket, operate it with one hand, confirm schedules while walking and input schedules smoothly when you go out.
  • Jorte has a scheduler function and you can customize its style as you choose.
  • Calendars are displayed in a monthly or weelky view the display will rotate automatically if you turn your device sideways.
  • You can see in one glance the important schedules that are colored red and also the schedules that have already finished.
  • According to your style, you can set the beginning day of the week, import public holidays events and add our own holidays events.
  • When you manage a todo list, you can view important schedules in red or rearrange the order of items in the list.
  • Schedule and todo data can be imported from or exported to a CSV file.
  • Jorte can be controlled using Google Voice and interact with Google Maps.
  • The app has many features such as synchronizing with Google calendar and supports a wide variety of widgets.


The calender shows the present schedule and important schedules are emphasized with red. Depending on the needs, it can show you monthly or weekly views, only the calender or the important lists. Also, you can change the beginning day of the week.

The screen adjusts when the device is turned to the side. You can choose whichever style that is convenienct for you. To reschedule, touch the date you want to reschedule on the screen. You can see the rescheduling screen and operate with a simple touch unique with Android.

On the rescheduling menu, there are selection buttons in place of inputting many letters, making it easier to operate. Selection buttons memorize what you have input. Numbers can input easily using ten-key keypad. Simple and easy operation give you a comfortable appointment managing.

Tasks & Memo

As the rescheduling menu, ToDo feature requires a simple operation of inputting using input fields so that it can be used under any business circumstances. Drag to change orders, distinguish between finished and unfinished, and whether it's important.

CSV-File import & export

It has features to output files you have input in CSV format, and can import CSV file you have made. You can also export it to PC, edit with Excel, and import again with a device. It's efficient when you have a lot of arrangement to work on or when you want back-up data.

Style setting

Display colors can be changed. It provides you with the better and more intimate appearance.

Public holidays

You can receive data of public holidays and color the date , which enables you to do the personal managing. (Applies also to the overseas public holidays) Besides, you can set an arbitrary day as public holidays or holidays with a long tap on the date in order to meet your company's holidays and your private schedule flexibly.

First day setting

The beginning day of the week can be set. You can manage your schedule more easily by setting the day that meets you.

Widget setting

You can show applintments "Calendar" and "Tasks & Memo". And you can show it in weekly view.
( [Home Screen] -> [Menu Button] -> [Add] -> [Widgets] )
(When application are moved to SD card, Widget can not be used.)

Download from Android Market

Serch for "Jorte" at Android Market, ot download it from the category Application → Productivity.


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